Monday, May 25, 2015

Thanks Morons!

Thanks to all who bought both HBVK and SoM yesterday. For those who aren't aware, on the weekends the well-regarded blog Ace of Spades has lots of non-political threads for people to discuss gardening, cooking, guns, booze, all that kind of stuff. Oh, and books.

I've read the blog for a long time and really enjoy it. It hits that sweet spot of insightful commentary without being stuffy and easy to pin down. Great podcast, too. So the other day I saw their book thread and thought I'd give it a shot.

Not only did the thread proprietor give me some nice comments on SoM, he also took the time to see what else I'd written and promo'd HBVK as well! Which I hadn't mentioned at all because it's a bit old and frankly not as good as SoM. At least in my opinion.

Anyway, thanks again to all the morons that bought a book. My sales spiked to the largest I've seen since putting the book out. HBVK purchasers, if you think the formatting sucks, sorry about that. It was my first book doing it myself and frankly I wasn't as good at formatting as I am now. I'm actually almost finished putting out a new version with better formatting. Unfortunately Amazon wants you to buy the book again without me going through a lengthy review process -- FUCK THAT. That's why I'm not Amazon exclusive anymore.

So if you have a problem with the formatting, please let me know at and I will email you a new copy when it's ready.

Maybe I can actually do this marketing thing ...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Marketing the new book.

Sent out some marketing emails tonight. Doing this stuff gives me the agita because no one likes pushy people and no one likes spam and no one likes people who are like BUY MY BOOK BOOK BOOK but I have to try something. Sales on Amazon are OK, better than I expected really but still pretty low -- and I think this new book is revolutionary in a couple of ways.

Why? First, understand that as far as I can tell NO ONE has done a book like this. And I read just about every sword-and-planet I could get my hands on. It helps that a lot of the older stuff is public domain. Anyway, what I wanted to do was make this genre more relevant to today -- while still keeping the heart and soul of it intact. Thrilling adventures, hairs-breadth escapes, princess rescuing, it's all there. Just this time, instead of a guy who's already pretty badass by modern standards landing on a planet where he can fully express his badassery -- well, the tagline says it all. Half-ass to badass. And I also wanted a book that was more modern in tone, so that the culture of Mars matters more and contrasts better. Most sword-and-planet books written these days are basically pulp pastiches where the idea is to read a book just like the ones from the old days. Those are great, but I wanted to do one better. And I think I hit my target, or at least came close.

So I think SMARTASS could make a huge splash IF more people find out about it.

I'm also looking into getting physical books out there using Createspace and other POD options. I was kind of waiting to hear demand but if it's not too much money I think I'll just go ahead and do it. Plus being a guy with everything on the Internet might make selling books at cons harder. I don't know how much cons drive sales but I do know that I used to sell books at cons, more than I thought I would going in, and that telling people "check out Amazon" doesn't work as well as "gimme the cash, here's your book and I'll sign it for you".

Oh yeah, and while I'm at it, if you bought it, PLEASE REVIEW IT. It takes very little time, Amazon even has these buttons you can click now Netflix style instead of having to actually type a sentence (though that's great too). When a book is unrated Amazon doesn't show it as much in "related" and etc. If you haven't finished it yet, that's OK. HELLO BETA READERS. Please, if I gave it to you to read and give me advice, thanks, now if you could please review it on Amazon I'd really appreciate it. You can do it without having actually bought it. I'm not all that great about reviews either but then most of what I read is old, or already has tons of reviews on it. Right now Smartass has sold enough copies that I should have at least one review.

Sorry to bitch so much about that but I know that I need reminding to do it so other people probably will too. I don't like being pushy, no one does, but more and more I see that I have to ask for what I want or I won't get it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's here

Still "in review" at Amazon -- I just hit the "Publish" button. It should be there by the time you read this. Since I can't provide a direct link, you can find it on my Amazon author page:

More to come, but I'll be working until the weekend and I won't really have time to post. I plan on putting up a sort of "post-mortem" on this book, why I wrote it, what I set out to do, and some other things. Thanks to all who helped out with money, services or just time.