Monday, June 8, 2009

Post-Mortem: Hypericon 5 - Sunday

Sunday at Hypericon started off when housekeeping banged on the door. Checkout was supposed to be at 1100 and my wife raced downstairs to check us out and pack things in the car. I, meanwhile, thanks to the goddamned PUNCH, was feeling like I'd lost two pints of blood and had to struggle to do everything, feeling shaky. My wife should get a goddamn medal from the President for marrying me, that would be the only time I'd ever shake his hand.

Anyway, I nursed my hangover with the last pain pill in my Dopp kit and hit another couple of panels. They were interesting though I wasn't the only one in pain and it showed. I really liked Jason Sizemore's panel, he didn't have a lot to say on the other panels as he's obviously a very quiet guy, but this one on contracts was really interesting to me. I had read things about this but never really considered it. I figured I could worry about contracts when someone actually offered me one. It was a very informative talk and I wish more people had been there who weren't hung over to ask good questions. I was one of four people there so I felt a little bad for the guy, but then it was on Sunday so I think he kind of expected that. He practically talked to me directly the whole time so that was a little unnerving but still good. I should have talked to him more but things were wrapping up. Hopefully he'll do it again next year.

We hit the con suite again, where I got some good hangover busting food (generic cheetos are pretty good for that) and girded my loins for the drive. We went by the Dealer Room, which, now conforming to my rule, I was doing to go see how Dave was doing. I also picked up this other author's book, because I'd thought he was an interesting guy, but felt like a dick when I realized I was too hungover to read and put the book back down. It's a mass-market though so I'll find it again and probably buy it.

Dave was looking not at all the worse for wear, the bastard. Why does my kryptonite have to be sugary drinks? If we'd been drinking whiskey all night I bet I'd have been fresh as a daisy too. We talked a little bit and I bought his book. Confession: as I said before, I couldn't really read to well at that point. I bought it because he was a cool guy, he'd taken pity on me and helped me have a good time and feel like maybe I could do this thing after all.

Actually when I got home I started reading it, and it had a bit of a slow start but it grabbed me by the end of the first chapter and now I'm enjoying it. I'll post a review when I'm done.

Anyway, me and wife looked at some of the art - one guy had done a picture of what I thought was zombies playing poker, since it was done in the style of C.M. Coolidge, but instead they were playing a tabletop RPG and I thought that was a little too nerdy for me, I thought the zombies were enough and they should've been playing poker, goddamnit. As we walked away a guy braced us to buy a print and we got out of there. Damn, I know you wanna sell, but just damn. Believe me, I would love to walk in there with a pimp roll and buy a bunch of shit because these people are all just trying to get by and they produce a lot of good shit. But just damn.

On the way out we ran into J.L. Mulvihill, I remembered seeing her around but I don't think she was on any panels. Again, smoking for the win as my wife and I were lighting up. She was on her way out, too, and we talked briefly and exchanged cards (my wife again). She was the only person I actually talked about my writing with the entire time since I was saying how I didn't really fit in with this con but it was the closest thing, and she asked me what I wrote and I told her, "Men's Fiction" and tried to explain it. As hung over I don't know how well I did but I tried. I think I said something like "It's like scifi, horror, but also with an edge like crime novels, with a focus on topics men are interested in." Yeah, something like that.

And that was it. We got back on the road for home, picked up the dogs from my mother's house and had a late dinner while I read the first chapter of Dave's Brotherhood of Dwarves.

So, finishing up this Post-Mortem, which I guess was more of a play-by-play, I think I learned a lot, and even had a good time. I didn't meet everyone I wanted to meet but I did meet some people. I found inspiration in the strangest places and drew strength from that, when I realized that this is what makes me unique out of all the people in that building. Well, that's what I'm telling myself to psych myself up anyway. And at the end, I figured, maybe I can do this, after all.

So if you were one of those lucky people that picked up my extremeely limited edition chapbook, whether you liked it or hated it, let me know. Leave a comment, send an email if comments are too public (I know blogger is all up in your shit with the identity thing, I think you can be anonymous on my blog though). And remember, the offer still stands - if you read it, whether you liked it or hated it, I'll buy you a drink. Even if it's one of those sugary drinks that come in a huge-ass bowl and you set it on fire. I might not share it with you, though.


  1. Jason will be doing his panel again next year. The only reason he held it on Sunday this year was because he only thought of it last week and was a last-minute addition to the schedule - the day before it went to print! So hang in there.

  2. Mari, thanks for reading! Glad to hear Jason will be bringing it back for next year. Hopefully by then I will have had some nasty contract dispute or something (not with Apex, of course) and we can hash it out! And I hope I didn't imply that this was a slipshod thing he did because overall it was on my short list of panels to hit and I wasn't disappointed.