Friday, July 17, 2009

Et in Arcadia ego

I'm no Latin scholar but I know there's a few ways to translate that. For my purposes I'm just going to say it means "And I am in Arcadia". Because I will be on vacation in what is probably my favorite place on earth for the next week. I recently had a comment that requested more book reviews. Well, I snagged a sack of books from the Book Nook and I plan to do a lot of reading, writing, drinking, and thinking, all the things I don't get to do enough of thanks to my schedule and my responsibilities as a husband, homeowner, dog-owner, and what-all else. Not to mention I frequently let my writing time cut into my reading time - no way in Hell am I going to stop if I'm on a roll just because I arbitrarily decided I have one hour to write, one hour to read, one hour to eat dinner with the wife and then it's bedtime. But I'm a little stuck on the project I'm working on anyway so this seems a good opportunity.

I will certainly not have Internet. I don't know what phone service will be like. If I have it I will probably drop some Twitters and/or a FaceBook entry. I have one of those new phones that's a not-a-iPhone so it can do all that and take pictures, too. We will see how it goes, all this social networking stuff is very new to me as a guy who is reflexively against being social and networking and that goes double for the combination of the two.

Where will I be, exactly? I'd rather not say - but since I don't have any stalkers yet, I'll give you a clue. Look at a map of Louisiana. Follow the roads south until they stop, where the Gulf meets the Intracoastal Waterway and civilization as we know it disappears. That's my Arcadia, where the egrets stand around like they're waiting to bum a cigarette and the gators roll through like gangsters on donks. Marshy water, tombs instead of graves, hot rice and spicy sausage and huge hunks of fresh French bread. Coffee with a bite and a gallon milk-jug full of daiquiri. People friendly up to a point as long as you see the line and don't cross it. The explosion of life and the slow rot of death. It's been too long.

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