Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another HBVK update

Was talking with Brian, the Big Tiki at CCP the other night while he was laying out HBVK. Got a chance to see it and it's looking good so far. He's also got a short-list of illustrators and all of them look really good. Can't wait to see who gets tapped. Also talked about what the book will be like and when it should be coming out. All I can say right now is "next year".  As more updates become available and Brian takes the embargo off I'll keep you guys posted.

I am trying to put together a plan for marketing but I am horrible at making plans so I'm just going to feel my way through it. I'm really learning as I go here. I wonder if I'll get to be on any panels. I've heard writers dread them but they seem like fun to me. I also think it would be awesome to have a book trailer though I go back and forth on those. Do people really look at book trailers? A book is not a movie so how much does a book trailer really do to get people excited about reading a book? At the very least I'm going to try to blog more. And of course you can always follow me on Twitter or Facebook since I find it a lot easier to update in that format.

My goal is to sell out every available copy before they even go up for sale wherever they're going up (which, I think it is safe to say, will probably be the Horror Mall since that's where CCP does their business). That way I'll get back control of it and then I can start querying the mass-market publishers or get an agent. To me, that'd be leveling up. Small press is it's own thing and I don't mean to say that it's like the newbie area. To be honest I see myself sticking with it and doing several projects in the small press, maybe even with CCP though I don't think everything I work on would necessarily fit with what Brian likes to put out.

Well that's all the updates for now. Watch the feeds, watch this space and I'll have more soon.

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