Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Announcement 1: Cut Me Loose

Well, now that it's been made semi-official, I figure I can go ahead and talk about this on here.

While we're still waiting (I think...lemme okay good) for an official announcement from Larry Roberts over at Bloodletting Press, here's the skinny.

BTW, if you want to read the official press release from Brian, you need to sign up for the Horror Mall's forums. You probably should anyway since you need more forums to read. Take the opportunity to go through your list and cut a few that suck these days.

Anyway, CCP is now in limbo. Brian couldn't make the math work based on the money he made on his last couple of books. So he figured if he wanted to save the press, the smart thing to do was to hand it over to Larry at Bloodletting. What exactly is happening with it, who can say. Certain big-time pimp authors that Brian had signed will have their books come out, no doubt.

Now, don't read too much into that. There's details I'm not bothering with because either A) they're not really mine to share or anyone's business and B) I know this leaves that last bit open to some of that Internet Kremlinology you kids like to do. But really, that's all it is. Brian cashed out. I respect that. Life is tough enough.

Since part of my thing on this blog is to write about the new-author side of things, I'll stick with what I know.

1. CCP will stick around as an "imprint" (my term, who knows what Larry will call it) for Bloodletting. Right now all semi-official statements indicate that he hopes to keep the same groove going that Brian already laid down. I hope so. No offense to the rest of the small-press world, but there is not a lot of differentiation there. Cargo Cult was something really different in a world populated by DeathWulfBloodMoonLustKillHerpes Press and variations thereupon.  I think of CCP kind of like that flower that stinks like rotten meat - it's colorful, it's horrific, it's different from what you usually see out there in the jungle.  It makes you stop and say "oh damn" after you've seen your 78th parrot or dead cannibal. Maybe that was the problem, being too different. I don't know. Plenty of people didn't think so, just not quite enough to keep Brian on the big bamboo throne. Personally I have to say any publisher with the balls to publish my books deserves to go down in history whatever may happen to them. And while the world is full of people who toe the line and play the game, only those who truly set out to do something different ever really succeed, no matter how many times they fail.

2. By direct logical implication from (1) above ... well, HBVK is kind of in limbo as well. Basically, as the new blood, I - and the other new writers Brian had signed up - were treated sort of like the Mookie Wilson card in the multi-card baseball card trade. No promises made, email what you've got and we'll see is basically how it shapes up. If this sounds cold, well, that's because I think it kinda is, but I don't hold a grudge, that's how things go. Really, I probably would've done the same thing if I ran the presses. Maybe it's just because I went from talking about my new book coming out to ... this.

I think that's mostly what it is. Honestly, looking at it from the other side, to have an open invite from Larry Roberts to see my manuscript without so much kow-towing, infamous con appearances, and chocolate-dipped strawberries sent to the point of being stalkerish, is pretty awesome. Bloodletting Press, all kidding aside, seems to me to be about as big as it gets in small-press, which I guess makes them medium press. If he picks it up - and if he doesn't he's crazier than a polar bear on a unicycle - well, my next con appearance might get a little hairy, let's just say that.

Anyway, I ain't mad. Would I have liked to be on the last flight out, settled into my captain's chair with a complementary beverage as the natives flung their futile spears at our aluminum fuselage, taking off safely above the stormy seas? Hell, yes. Have I earned that yet? Nah, not really.

So, what now? Well, HBVK is not going away. It got too many good reviews from those who read it, not including my wife (she liked it, but the wife doesn't count for these purposes). And Brian did what he could to put the word around that something facey-explody might land in their lap if they played their cards right. Hell, he did that for everyone, I don't mean to make myself sound so special, but this is my damn blog. The point is, Brian knew that this was going to fuck things up, and at the very least he built us Cargo Cult Refugees a nice big raft and put an ice chest with plenty of cold Primo in it to keep us company until such time as we find safe harbor.

So I think this is just a bend in the tunnel. See, breaking paragraphs helps a lot with mixed metaphors.

Second, I've got my other project I've been working on. First draft is finished, mostly, and it has to pass muster with the wife (who DOES count in this case) before I send it to my other first readers. There's already been some interest, so that's good (even though that was for a very early version).

And oh yeah. It will rock you. More on this thing later when I'm in the jinx-free zone.

Bottom line is this. Get out to the garage, break out the tools, and tune up that swamp buggy of yours, because the monster truck rally is still comin' to town, and Gavin's riding a '48 Nash Rambler that shoots fire out its ass. Oh yes. I set out to smash the game and I'm not going to let a little something like this stop me or even slow me down.

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