Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thawing Out

It is spring here in the gloroious state of Louisana and I love it. When I can, I walk to and from work and listen to the birds. Goddamn, there are so many birds. Birds that are up all night. Birds that get up early in the morning. Birds in the evening. Owls, whippoorwills, little tweety birds I have no idea what the Hell they are. It bothers some people - all the chirping - but I own dachshunds so I am used to a bit of noise.

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. Not to complain but I've been working 50 hours a week, sometimes, and squeezing in the writing where I can. Okay, okay, those of you who follow me on Facebook (link's over there on your right) can see I also play some Facebook games. All I can say is a man needs something to unwind and the games are free. Sadly liquor is not as cheap here as I remember it being, but other things are and though I miss my wife life is good. She has to go back to the ATL a lot to get the house ready. I swear, next time I will plan further ahead and maybe just pay someone to pack all this crap I like to collect around myself.

After a winter too cold to make sense I am back and more in my element. The days are warm, the nights sultry and sometimes foggy. I stand out in my little backyard and look up at the "wormer's moon", perfect for hunting the nightcrawlers that you need to bag a nice big redfish.

After the sad events last year, the demise of Cargo Cult Press and its eventual folding into Bloodletting Press, status still to be determined, I kept a bit quiet as I didn't have much to say apart from talking about my life here in this state. I went to my first Mardi Gras parade, froze in the cold, got used to buying my scotch at the grocery store on Sundays (still feels like I'm committing a crime somehow). Found a local cigar store. Set up my "area" as best I could to try to make it easier to write. And worked the connections.

Sadly, I couldn't stay with Bloodletting. God bless and all that. But a man's gotta keep moving and as of February or so I hadn't heard anything and Larry over there told me if anyone wanted HBVK to go ahead and make it happen. So I did.

So much of this is new and weird to me. I got a check in the mail the other day for the book. Doesn't quite seem real. I guess I'll get used to it. I tell myself I really bled all over this book working on it and yet it still somehow seems like free money. I guess that's what doing what you love for a living means.

So, yeah. Been meaning to blog here for a while. But I kept holding off so's I could make it official. Well, it's official, baby.










Follow the links and bookmark them if you're of a mind.

Oh, yeah. Feels good. No idea about con schedules or anything like that. My life is still not back to where it was. But it's gonna happen. Has to happen. Will do what I can to get back to Hypericon, which I loved last time I was there (even if maybe they won't be quite so happy to see me again). Lord, I apologize. Now that I live west of the Mississippi there are a bunch more cons I never considered to go to, sure it's outside of my power area but I guess I could see going to Missouri or something. Clemens was from Missouri, I guess that makes it Southern in the way that Maryland or Virginia are. Like at an old college - a legacy admission.

I got some pencil sketches from McCain the other day. I about could not control myself. I wanted to run up and down the street. They look awesome. They told me, tell this guy a couple of pages to read so he can draw a picture. Motherjumper read the whole damn book and loved it and drew a picture that just makes me wanna BUST OUT and fight 45 dudes because it is just that awesome. When you see it you will not be able to resist buying the book because you will know if you miss it you missed the Awesome train, and the next train out of the station is only the Whatever train.

I'm continually amazed at the response I get from this book. It's a little scary. I've heard the first book is the easiest. Well, okay. We'll just have to work that harder on the next, then.

This book is moving fast. I should have some notes back from my redoubtable editor Norm Rubenstein by the end of the week, probably faster knowing him. The man is a damn wizard. Then it's one more run at the thing. Then I don't know, I'll keep you guys informed as the process moves along.

I promised someone a book review so I may write that later today or sometime this week.

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  1. Hard Boiled Vampire Killers, nice. Another highly entertaining blog post.