Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hard Boiled Vampire Killers is Out! WUXTRY! WUXTRY!

Well, my friends, it's been a weird trip here on the blog. But now we have finally reached the goal. Hard Boiled Vampire Killers is officially out and available NOW from Dark Regions Press. So now I sit here, smoking a cigar (I would've got a good one but the stores are closed by the time I get up in the evening) and drinking a good beer. Yeah, that's right, we're keeping it blue collar here, all day every day, so "the good stuff" is Heineken, the pint-size keg version. And, of course, typing this blog entry.

Some reviews of the book have already come out. The best so far is by Peter Schwotzer over at Famous Monsters of Filmland. Which I think is just cool, to get reviewed in that mag. The money quote? "A rip-roaring, gun-slinging, ass kicking, Kung Fu, vampire and ghost extravaganza". To which I can only say, "Hell yeah, that was the idea."

I have to admit, it was getting to the point where I wasn't even sure my book really existed. For months now I've been in this weird place where I had a book deal, the book was coming out, but I never saw a physical copy of it or anything like that. It got delayed once or twice and I wondered if maybe it just wouldn't happen, like maybe an asteroid would hit the printing presses or something equally crazy would just throw the whole thing off the rails. That and I didn't feel like I could say I was a published author - because I wasn't. I didn't like being one of those people who goes around, you know, "well, I have a book deal with WAH WAH WAH". So boring and to me it was like being a poseur. Claiming credit for something that hadn't happened yet, the kind of thing it could be a lie you could get away with, bumming around at cons and parties and whatever.

All that changed this morning. I was winding down for the day, getting ready to go to bed so I could go to work tonight, when all of a sudden my email inbox started exploding and my Facebook went to Ludicrous Speed, and Andy Deane twittered about me. (I guess I need to start twittering again ... ech ... I have a whole thing on that, that's for later, though). I went to DRP's website and goggled at the screen.

It was out. My book was real. This really happened. People could slap some money down and get a book sent to them. No more "coming soon" crap. No more not talking about this and that. Now you can see the awesome Zach McCain cover - now do you see what I was talking about? I always wanted HBVK to have (what I didn't know how to describe at the time) a Drew Struzan-style cover. Without any prompting from me, Zach mocked up a quick sketch that is very similar to the final cover and I loved it immediately. I made it my desktop wallpaper, in fact, and every so often I will collapse my writing window so I can see it and get pumped up.

So now I'm sitting here, thinking and drinking. Now what? Well, first we're going to sell a crapload of books. Like a metric shedload (technically bigger than an Imperial shedload). Right now you will notice it's just the limiteds available. I have to say at $40 these limiteds are damn cheap for the price and DRP always puts out a quality product.

What else? Well, I've thought about doing some other stuff to promote the book. I will try to hit some cons next year, I know for sure I'll be hitting World Horror Con in Austin, though it may be a little farther away than I'd originally planned. (No, I'm not officially registered yet, but I will be, trust me on this.) Other cons, I don't know, it will depend on finances, how well the book is doing and where I am at the moment. My personal life is kind of a mess right now.

And of course, I'm always working on new projects. In fact ... well, I think I have to keep that one quiet for now. Until I hear different from the publisher, that is. Let's just say 2011 will be the year of Gavin, the year I come in and No Shadow Kick the game wide open. There are a lot of people out there writing books. I have varying opinions on them.

All I can say is ... wait'll they getta load of me.

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