Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Trek Through Conland: FandomFest 7/22-7/24

If you can't tell, I hate blogging. I don't even like Twitter or Facebook all that much. I guess if I could blog for a living, I would do it, but I would have to see the money hit my account pretty fast to get the reinforcement needed for me not to hate blogging.

Some people might argue differently given how epically long my blog posts end up being. But that's just it. I get started and I can't stop. And even if I embargo a post for a couple of days to give me time to read over and be sure I like it, inevitably I look at it a week later and feel like a dumbass.

But that's the problem with this business I keep telling myself and everyone else is my dream job. You have to promote yourself. There's a lot of good books out there no one ever heard of and vice versa. So with that in mind this is to remind people (since I mentioned it a while back on Facebook and Twitter) that I'll be doing FandomFest in Louisville, KY this weekend. I had never heard of this thing until I saw that some people I know or at least know of were going to it, and checked it out. Looks like this thing is going to be friggin' massive. Tons of celebrities (not including me, obviously), writers, artists, people playing games, a film festival at the drive-in, it looks like this one is going to be pretty good. I've never been, so we'll see, but at least this time I know some people who are going to be there. And I've never been to Louisville, either, so there's that. Sadly it looks like the horses won't be running while I'm there, I guess it's too hot. Just as well, even though I've been itching to see if I've learned any useful tips on horses from reading Bukowski, because I'd just end up blowing money on stupid bets and a giant church lady hat for my wife (I don't see her going to Churchill Downs without wearing one). They don't have a dog track there, either, which I guess makes sense as that's more a deep south kind of thing - though they have them all over the country.

I'll be there promoting my two books, which you can see up there in the top corner of the page - my publisher just announced that ARENA OF THE WOLF is now available for pre-order and should be shipping in October. For those who can't wait, I still have some of the trades that they nicely ran off to sell at WHC '11.

Hopefully I can put what I've learned to work at this event. Part of me is dreading it though, because I just know some more things will happen that I will learn something from. And I generally find that if I'm not reading a book that a learning experience is not a happy one.

For those who are interested, here's my schedule for the con:

1600  Panel Room A    Introducing Some Up and Coming Faces in Speculative Fiction
1900  Concourse          Signing
2300  Panel Room C    Reading (with Emily Leverett and Steven Saus)

1300  Panel Room B   Pulp Fiction

You can follow that link and see what I mean about this con being huge. And that's just the track for people that, you know, like to read books and stuff. If you can't find something to do this weekend you either have a crippling social disorder like me or you don't like fun.


  1. as one of the privileged few to "preread" Arena of the Wolf, it is awesome, colorful and intense. It is awesome!

  2. Thanks, Patricia. Feel free to go an add a review at DRP's website if you have time. I also plan on adding the book to Goodreads as well. Even a short one like this comment helps - and I'm glad you liked it!