Monday, January 16, 2012

Been working on a new project ...

I'm doing my best to make this new thing I'm working on mind-blowing. It's not easy. Probably the most complicated plot I've ever written so I keep tripping myself up even as I try to blast through the first draft. I'm almost done though, 80k + words in.

As usual (I hate to say that) my timing seems great. After I started this project a couple of other writers released or announced similar ones. There's more to say but I don't want to jinx it. Talking about what I'm working on always seems to guarantee that I won't work on it for weeks because I'll get stuck and then switch to something else.

So what's this new thing about? Well, it's a novel. It's about fathers and sons, wondering where you came from and what family means. It's about being human, about how grand it can be to do something amazing while at the same time fumbling your way through it and getting eighty percent of it wrong. It's about having the odds stacked against you, to where everyone writes you off before you even get started - and proving all of those people wrong.

Oh yeah - and MANLY ACTION. Swordfights, gunfights, fistfights, whores, rectal bleeding - I'm really aiming to tear the cover off this one.

(Bigger version of the above image since I'm too drunk/lazy to work on making that image a link in Blogger. Image courtesy NASA and smug atheists everywhere.)

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  1. Sounds where the fuck is my copy of Arena of the Wolf?