Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A thought.

My problem with writing these blog posts is that I hold very strong opinions but don't really have the cred to back them up.

I read, write, listen, Pay Fucking Attention (PFA, it's like my version of TCB, which I also use but of course don't own), no one will give a shit until I am receiving my Please Fucking Die Already Award from the Association of Asshole Writers. DOUBLE CANES, BITCH. I'M USING TWO CANES.

I'm sure most would count this a sign of total ignorance. They'd be right to do so except I'm correct in my thoughts most of the time. Doesn't matter, of course. If correct opinions were all you needed it would be too easy. Anyone can have the right opinions, though many don't. Not good enough.

To stretch this out a bit more, here's a random quote from The Andy Warhol Diaries, which is a great bathroom book and/or substitute for libromancy if you don't want to touch the Bible for whatever reason:

Tuesday, December 28, 1982 -- Aspen, Colorado

At 8:30 Barry Diller invited us to have cocktails with Calvin Klein and Marina Cicogna and Diana Ross. Diana came in and she had just bought a cowboy hat and big white shoes and she was out for action.

We all got in cars and followed Barry, he's a bad driver. Then Barry invited us out to dinner to Andre's. The food there was disgusting. Jon lost part of his Kieselstein-Cord belt. Diana was dancing on top of the table and everybody wanted to dance with her and she said, "I'm dancing with all of you!" That was a great line.

Food for thought.

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