Monday, June 16, 2014


Yeah, and so is everything else. Hey, I'm still excited. More excited than I've been in a long time.

So now you can get it here. It also includes a preview of ARENA OF THE WOLF for those of you who haven't read it yet. For an older book I think the price is fair, the KDP (that's Kindle Direct Publishing) seems to be trying to move away from $1.99 and $2.99 books with some success. Turns out if your book's too cheap people will think of it accordingly.

Let me tell you a quick story. A few months back I got a phone call from a guy. A guy who produces TV shows. Big TV shows. Many of you are probably fans of his most successful effort to date. I would say who and what but the protocol in Hollywood seems to be that you don't talk about this shit so I won't. The point is, I got this phone call, and though I knew he was really looking for West Coast Jim I allowed myself a moment to think that maybe he was looking for me.

He wasn't, of course. But I rolled a goddamn natural 20 and had a nice five-minute conversation with the guy. I managed to play it off as "hey, no big deal, happens all the time" which wasn't all that untrue. I'm kind of over the disappointment and frustration since it's not like I'm getting my ass kicked by someone who doesn't deserve it. Anyway, TV Guy asks about what I write, I give him the elevator pitch for my books that are currently out ... and he says, "Wow, those sound crazy ... I'm gonna check these out."



I hear him typing on the background from a motel room somewhere in the middle of America. "Hey," he says, "is your book on Kindle? I'm gonna download these right now. I love to have new books to read."

Yes, I got THAT FUCKING CLOSE and was denied. He gave me a half-hearted request to email the MSS to his talent manager, where I'm sure it disappeared into a hole never to be seen ever. Or worse, they read it and hated it and tried to forget I existed. That was a few months ago and no I haven't heard back nor do I think I ever will.

So, that shit is not happening again. My Twitter followers will recall my Scarlett O'Hara-like declaration soon after (in fact right after) this incident occurred. It's taken me a while for several reasons, but I'm done fucking around.

My novella will be up too, I haven't decided how long to hold it back or if I should at all since it's technically back catalogue now -- both these books are 3+ years old.

None of this should be taken as me giving the finger to Dark Regions. I mostly just wanted to try self-publishing and see how it worked for me. The e-rights are mine, so why not?

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, especially my "official" page, because if I start getting too many fans I'm going to have to start restricting that to personal contacts only and that's always a clusterfuck getting people to move over. I'll post similar announcements there, but since it's facebook and they fuck with you, you should follow this blog in your RSS feeder etc. etc. because that way you're guaranteed to get news about upcoming books.

That reminds me: what about Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, etc etc? Well, all the figures I've seen show that the market share that Kindle has is ridiculously huge compared to the others. We're talking 95% Kindle and the remaining 5% shared by the rest of the markets. So I went ahead and enrolled my book in Amazon's "KDP Select" program which means it has to be Amazon-exclusive (as far as digital goes, fortunately). I may stick with that, I may not. It gives me some bonuses like letting people with Prime memberships borrow my book and I think I get a little extra promotion by Amazon. I also get more money but I forget how that works. Formatting books for different markets takes a little extra work. Let me know what you think, if there's enough demand I will put out my books on all the various markets in the future.

And if you want limited editions, you can still get them at DRP for now. They make excellent quality hardback books, especially lately, and I would like to continue to use them in the future if I think there's a demand for fancy collector's editions.

Thanks to everyone for their support -- and if you were one of the MANY fans who asked me at cons, or via email or Facebook, "is it on Kindle?" Well, it is now!

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