Friday, July 3, 2015

The Long Tail

Hadn't checked my KDP reports in a while. It's looking pretty good! After the book bomb hit towards the end of May thanks to all the morons at Ace of Spades, my sales have been pretty consistent - one or two a day since then, with some off days.

I am a little disappointed that I didn't get any more non-US sales. I guess I haven't leveled up enough yet to get the "BIG IN <SOME NON-US COUNTRY>" cheevo. My wife is rooting for Italy. Me, I'd take just about anywhere. Maybe even North Korea. I need to read that guy's book to see how the accommodations there are for kidnapped artists. Because if all they got is soju then we got a problem.

Of those, sales are mostly for SMARTASS. I'm not surprised. It's a better book, frankly. I'd like HBVK to do better but facts are facts. It's kind of a hot mess. While I was reformatting HBVK to make it look nicer on ereaders I was just embarrassed the whole time. There are still parts of it I really like -- but overall part of me wants to go back and just re-do the whole thing.

Which I won't, by the way.

And you know, after saying all that, some people really liked it. I may return to that world at some point ... I did have a pretty badass idea. 

So thanks to all you shitlords, morons, trolls, reprobates, and unpersons that bought my books. Also to all the beautiful, kind, God-fearing people, of course, but the Venn diagram on that these days is pretty close. Now, would you LEAVE A DAMN REVIEW?

Let me give a shoutout to Rick Mayo, who bought HBVK recently and reviewed it. Thanks, man. Just a short two sentences and a click on that 5th star was all it took! OK, he called it a "romp" which basically in book-speak is "this book is shit but it's fun". BUT I'LL TAKE IT! 5 STARS! It wasn't like I was aiming for it to be anything but an 80s action movie anyway.

Money is nice -- very nice, very gratifying. But if the money is the meat, the reviews are the drink.

My big royalty check will get here at the end of this month so I will maybe take a selfie by way of a thank-you to show you your money is wisely spent on whisky, cigars, firearms and other accoutrements of fine living. Please buy more books so that I get enough money to buy a new gun and I can work that in as well. I can assure you it will be interesting as I'm a gun hipster and just a basic bitch AR-15 is not good enough for me. Maybe a CZ in 7.65 x25 Tokarev (I can hear the gun people laughing out there -- DONCHU JUDGE ME).

And I think this means I should start working on the new Mars book. I already have a bunch written down ... just doesn't quite make sense yet.

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